Almasi is a Torracat who will appear in the upcoming series The Adventures Of Altus. She is a member of Altus


Almasi is a tall torracat, noticeably larger than her fellow torracats. She is shorter than her Sister, but stands about to Kasi's nose. Almasi also sports strong shoulders and a rectangular body, built for the hunt.

Almasi has a black pelt, while her lower half is mostly red-orange pelt, with a black and reddish-orange markings. The black area has several red-orange stripes: one running up the center of her head forming a short cowlick with one horizontal stripe through the center and a slightly V-shaped stripe at the bottom of her eyes, one running down her spine with two more stripes going across it, and two rings around her tail. The lower half of her body simply has two black rings around each leg. She has a tiny, triangular gray nose and long, pointed ears with gray insides.

Each paw has three toes, but the front ones are larger with short, black claws. Her tail has several tufts of fur on the tip. Almasi has large, yellow eyes with black sclerae and pupils that have a red tint along the bottom. There are two long tufts of fur on each of her cheeks with a shorter tuft just underneath on either side of her chin. Hanging from her neck is a round, bell-like organ, which is yellow with an orange center.

True to her name Almasi has a diamond like marking on her stomach.


Almasi is a somewhat dominant pokemon, but has a motherly personality. She does not show it, but she is jealous of the mother Pokemon who can have kids when is unable to herself. She often confides to her sister about this issue but no matter what Azimio says, it doesn't ease Almasi. However, that jealousy vanishes after she adopted Amani, Shauri, Akia and Sharifa.


The Adventures Of Altus

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