Altus is a group of Pokémon and humans. They are scheduled to appear in The Adventures Of Altus.



Altus is a organization tasked with the job of helping Pokemon and Humans  that can't help themselves and defending the Pokemon World from danger.


Altus Agents undergo various training procedures in order to stay fit and prepared for future dangers. Doing training procedures like Races,Obstacle Courses, Stealth-surround Drills.



The Adventures Of Altus

The Agent of Altus are the main protagonists of the series and appears in each episode of the show.

Malaika's Team


Malaika is the leader of the Team. She's the no-nonsense lycanroc of the team. With her strong leadership, her team has survived many obstacles. Though usually wearing a confident smile, she is quick to grasp the seriousness of dangerous situations.  Malaika, like the rest of the members of Altus, She cares about the creatures and humans of the pokemon world and does her very best to protect them.


Fila is the Lieutenant of the team, She has a playful, vibrant and fun-loving personality. Despite being so young, She has fierce amounts of knowledge concerning the ways of combat and seems to take great pride in flaunting it over others that are older than her. Her juvenile ways may mask a darker and more serious side to the character. She is Malaika's Sister.


Almasi is the Weapon Expert of the team. She is somewhat dominant pokemon, but has a motherly personality. She does not show it, but she is jealous of the mother Pokemon who can have kids when is unable to herself. However, that jealousy vanishes after she adopted Amani, Shauri, Akia and Sharifa. She is the sister of Azimio and the adopted mother of Amani, Shauri, Akia and Sharifa.


Azimio is the Muscle of the team. Unlike most Incineroars, Azimio can be friendly, kind and considerate not only towards her own kind, but also to other animals. She doesn't like violence, and prefers to save it as a last-recourse if more peaceful ways do not work out.She is also of strong character, sure of herself and willing to stand up for her beliefs, she will not tolerate being treated unfairly or being harassed.


Dhakiya is the Scout of the team. Dhakiya tends to keep to herself, not really speaking unless it's giving her reports to Malaika or talking to Dage. She is very intelligent which does help her in keeping away from other pokemon when scouting for Malaika. Contrast to her silent and keep to herself personality, she is very loving and caring to Dage.

Mlinzi's Team

Name Information Position
Mlinzi Mlinzi is the leader of the team. Leader
Mansa Mansa is a member of the team. Weapons Expert
Dage Dage is a member of the team. Lieutenant
Araali Azimio is a member of the team. Muscle
Kasi Kasi is a member of the team. Scout


  • Altus means "high, deep, noble or profound"