Askari is an Silvally and a member of Jaribu's Group. He lives in Alola and serves as one of Msaada's Top bodyguards.

He is a major character in Ruler Of Alola.


Askari bears a typical resemblance to his own kind. He has a chimeric body is nearly identical to that of his pre-evolution; however, the fur from his head turns from gray to silver, and the membrane and spikes on his fish-like tailfin turn white. Without his control mask, his mechanical, lupine head is revealed. Askari's snout is metallic on his nose bridge and upper jaw, both of which lead to a triangular black nose framed by three red lines. His upper jaw ends in a sharply pointed overbite, while his lower jaw has two visible fangs, one on each side. Askari's eyes have white sclerae, bright silver irises, and no pupils. These eyes are mostly surrounded by black coloration, framed along the bottom by his upper jaw. On each side of his head is a circular, metallic port, with a white circle crossed by a metal line. The back of the crest on his head opens up, and three long spikes jut out of it. His two ears, one on each side of his crest, are short and pointed, with black and red sections on their insides.


Just like, Shujaa, He is very protective over Msaada, and considers it his responsibility that no harm comes to her. Despite having a stern look on his face most of the time, Askari is a calm and caring pokemon. Askari has amazing leadership skills which he uses whenever the king or queen is unable to lead the Group.


Prior to Ruler of Alola 

Not much of Askari's backstory is known. At some point in time, Askari joined the Jaribu's Group and became one of Msaada's top Bodyguards.

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