Jaribu is an adult female Lycanroc who is the Queen of Siri Valley, Salene's Mate, and the mother of Msaada and the adoptive mother of Zabuni.

She is a recurring character in The Adventures Of Altus.


Jaribu is a light brown wolf with a white underbelly that extends up around her muzzle and eyes in a mask-like marking. She has pointed ears with dark brown tips and pink insides, big blue eyes, and a triangular, dark brown nose. There are four sharp fangs in her mouth: two in the upper jaw and two in the lower. Large tufts of brown fur extend from the sides of her head; three tufts on each side. A bushy, white mane covers her neck. Four dark brown rocks poke out of jaribu's mane, creating a shape similar to a stylized sun. The lower portions of jaribu's legs are white, and each foot has three dark brown claws. she also has a long, fluffy white tail.


Jaribu  is a brave Lycanroc who is not afraid to put her faith in others. She willingly lets go of all past grudges, and firmly believes in second, third, and even fourth chances. Though quite agreeable and respectful, she will express her thoughts to those who are willing to listen, even if whatever is running through her mind is controversial. She quietly opposes fighting, and will avoid battles if she can. However, she will agree with almost anyone and anything, unless it directly opposes one of the three things she is certain of: that others deserve forgiveness, that fighting is mostly futile, and that she belongs in her group. She deeply loves every member of her family, and does her best to keep all of them safe. She is difficult to charm, though Salene succeeded. She supports salene when he needs her to, but mostly just lets him do his own job. 


  • Salene: Mate 
  • Msaada: Daughter 
  • Zabuni: Adopted Daughter 

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