Jaribu's Group is a group of Pokemon lead by Jaribu that lives in the Siri Valley.



A long time ago in siri Valley. Lycanroc's where bred for royalty and it lasted for a long time. Some time later, the humans mysteriously disappeard without a trace. And even though some lycanrocs left some decided to still continue the tradition to this day. Some time down the line jaribu was born and at some point in time she was betrothed to salene. After jaribu's parents step down as king and queen, Jaribu and her mate salene became the new rulers of siri valley.They later became the parents of msaada and the adopted parents of Zabuni.



Name Information Position Status
Jaribu Jaribu is the queen of the group and Siri Valley. She the mate of Salene and mother of Msaada and adoptive mother of Zabuni. Queen Alive
Salene Salene is the king of the group and Siri Valley. He is the mate of Jaribu and the father of Msaada and adoptive father of Zabuni King Alive
Msaada Msaada is the princess of the group who is destined to become queen.She is seen as stern, yet also caring and compassionate. And is the Daughter of Jaribu and Salene and the adoptive older sister of Zabuni. Princess/Heir Alive
Zabuni Zabuni is the adopted daughter of Jaribu and Salene and adoptive sister of Msaada. Princess Alive
Askari Askari is the one of guardians of Msaada. He is loyal to the group and cares greatly for Msaada. Guardian/Bodyguard Alive
Shujaa Shujaa is the one of guardians of Msaada.He is a loyal member of the group and a fierce warrior. Guardian/Bodyguard Alive
Lupa Lupa is one of the Pokemon that guards the entrance to Siri Valley. Although apparently mute, Lupa takes orders well.She is the sister of Laila. Member/ Royal Guard Alive
Laila Laila is the Sister of Lupa. Member Alive
Taraja Taraja is the Healer of the Group. Healer Alive
Kameke Kameke is the daughter of Imara and the younger sister of Dalila and the next Healer of the group. She is the daughter of Imara and the younger sister of Dalila Healer in traning Alive
Dalila Dalila is daughter of Imara and the older sister of Kameke. Healer in traning Alive

Group Laws

  • The word of the king or Queen cannot be contested.
  • Hunt only what is needed to sustain the group.
  • Females lay there eggs alone, and will remain alone with their eggs until they request company.
  • Males and Females must each do their share of watching and raising their own young.
  • Those who leave the group may not return.
  • Do not tell any humans were siri valley is located, unless they are trusted.


Maisha Urari 

Life Balance 

Maisha Urari is an ideology held by the members of the Jaribu's Group. They hunt only what they need to be strong, and do not waste prey. They do not believe in forcing this belief on the other Pokemon in their territory. They will only intervene with over hunting if the hunters in question begin to actually threaten their own food supply, and they do not bother with disputes between other Pokemon.

Matriarchal ceremony

This ceremony welcomes a new king or Queen- the continuation of the Group. The new king or Queen shall honor his or her predecessor with a speech before the most recognized part of the ceremony takes place.


unification ceremony

This is the ceremony thats for the new king or queen and their mate. It immediately follows after the Matriarchal Ceremony. The bodyguard of the pass king or queen retails the past of the new king or queen and their mate, after that the past king or queen will beings the oaths. After both, the new ruler and ther mate says, "Mimi ahadi" meaning "I promise." they are now officially mates.