Kameke is a blind female litten who will appear in the upcoming series Ruler of Alola. She is the daughter of Imara and the younger sister of Dalila. She is Taraja's young apprentice, and She is currently training to be a royal healer. She is one of Msaada's friends.

Physical Appearance

Kameke has primarily black fur. She has a short muzzle with a tiny,black nose, gray and cloudy eyes (because of her blindness) with yellow sclerae, and short pointed ears with pale gray insides.There are two red stripes around each of her legs and two horizontal stripes with a vertical stripe across them on her forehead. The lower part of kameke's face is also red, and there is a large Tuft Of fur on each cheek. A Tuft of fur sits at the end of her long tail. Like the rest of her kind, when she arches her back, three pointed tuft's of fur with red tips appear along her spine. Kameke is often seen wearing her berry pouch , wear she keeps all the berrys that she organized.


Kameke is described as compassionate and loving. She is pretty sweet and innocent, always eager to prove herself and loves making her mentor, sister and mother proud. She has a strong bond with her older sister, Dalila. Though her kind are solitary pokémon, Kameke is reliant on the company of others and becomes very lonely without it.


  • Msaada
  • Zabuni


  • Kameke is one of the first blind character in Ruler of Alola; the other being  Auni.
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