Kasi is an Zeraora. He is a member and the Scout of Atlus.


Kasi bears the typical resemblance to an Zeraora in the show. He has black underfur and yellow fur on his head, forearms, chest, hips, and upper legs. Blue fur can also be seen on his forehead, chest, and whiskers. His eyes and paw-pads are similarly blue. Black zigzagging stripes can be seen on his thighs and forearms. Shujaa has four-fingered paws, while his feet have three toes each. A long, yellow, thunderbolt-shaped ponytail extends from the back of its head, giving the appearance of an actual tail.


Kasi is a selfless individual, who readily puts his own life at risk to save others. His strong will allows him to overcome incredible pain, as shown when he rescued Margo from the stadium debris.


Prior to The Adventures Of Altus

During the fire the tore through Fula City fifty years ago, Kasi saved several Pokémon from the flames. It also became increasingly hostile towards people because of their mistreatment of the environment. Years later, a previous Mayor of Fula City forbid people from exploring the nearby mountain and fabricated a lie that Kasi had vanished during the fires in order to protect Kasi from people. While the older generations knew the truth, the younger generation believed the lie and created the rumor of Kasi's curse.

Prior to the events of the movie, Kasi saved Margo from a rock slide. Margo escaped harm, but this left Kasi injured. Knowing that Kasi was said to come with a curse, she kept quiet about him, but blamed herself for the accident. As a result, Margo would secretly visit Kasi and provide him with Oran Berries and Moomoo Milk.

One day, Margo feared that Kasi was going to be taken by Pokémon poachers after Callahan reported that a rare Pokémon lived up in the mountains. While Callahan was in fact referring to an Eevee that Risa was trying to find, word soon spread and two Pokémon hunters came to claim Kasi. Margo was able to convince them that the rare Pokémon could be found elsewhere, but as the hunters went to leave, Teddiursa ended up revealing itself, which caught the hunters' attention. Margo tried to stop the hunters from catching Teddiursa and a Ditto, but Kasi arrived to stop them and also revealed Himself to the hunters. Kasi battled against the hunters' Sneasel and Houndoom, but quickly became too exhausted. Kasi, Margo, and the Pokémon were saved by the arrival of Ash and the others, who had come to find the eternal flame that Margo had stolen in an attempt to halt the Wind Festival.

Kasi became increasingly hostile after a new fire erupted in the forest, a result of the Effect Spore solution stolen by Team Rocket meeting an electrical transformer. He rushed to the epicenter, close to the Eternal flame pedestal, to rescue the vulnerable wild Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu eventually confronted Kasi in a battle. Kasi developed respect for Ash after he jumped to protect several Pokémon from a wayward Plasma Fists attack. Margo spoke to Kasi and helped it to overcome its hostility towards humans. He continued to fight the blaze with the help of Fula City's citizens and Pokémon. Kasi saved Margo from harm once again, this time from falling stadium debris.

Having witnessed Kasi's selfless actions first-hand, Mayor Oliver proclaimed during the Wind Festival's closing ceremony that Kasi did in fact exist and that Fula City will now live in peace with him.

At some point in time, Kasi joined Altus.

The Adventures Of Altus

Known moves

  • Close Combat
  • Thunder Punch
  • Thunder
  • Plasma Fists


  • Almasi
  • Malaika
  • Dhakiya
  • Fila
  • Azimio
  • Mlinzi
  • Dage
  • Mansa
  • Ada
  • Uma
  • Margo



  • He secretly has a soft spot for Almasi.
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