Shetani is a adult female pyroar in the upcoming series Ruler of Alola. She is the leader of the The Pokemon Resistance, and appears in the episode of the same name.


Shetani is a slender Pyroar, with mostly dark brown with light brown legs, tail tip, chest, and face. She has a long, gold and red mane extending from its forehead to the whole length of its body. Her irises are tinted azure with black pupils. There is an ugly red scar parting her fur on the right side of her body. 


Shetani is sneaky and devious, but also literally insane due to the trauma of being abused by her trainer. She has a hate for pokemon and their trainers. Shetani initially fits the classic "evil mastermind" stereotype, wanting to dominate the world using The Pokemon Resistance. Shetani is also incredibly eccentric and manipulative and is set in her beliefs and cannot be swayed. She can be violent and even ruthless enough to kill a Pokemon from her own group if they do not do her bidding. 


The Pokemon Resistance






  • She is the second Pokemon to dislike humans, the first being Volcanion from the Pokemon movie Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.
  • Due to her tyrannical nature, lack of redemption and cruelty towards her Minions, Shetani is said to be one of the most evil villains of the Ruler of Alola continuity, sharing this with Aina, though Aina are the only villain to be considered a complete monster and sometimes showing sympathy for weaker species.
    • Whereas Kivuli was still sympathetic to a small degree, Shetani was the first villain of the series to be truly irredeemable.
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